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Transparent lace skirt GDR7

Transparent lace skirt GDR7

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Channel a mysterious and sensual vibe with this long lace skirt, inspired by the dramatic aesthetics of the late 90s. Adorned with delicate bottom slits, this skirt gently teases the eye, creating an enchanting and alluring look. The elastic waistband ensures a comfortably snug fit, making it both stylish and practical for any occasion.

The addition of a black tulle lining beneath the intricate lace fabric lends a tantalizingly subtle see-through effect, enhancing the garment with an irresistible allure and captivating charm. The combination of lace and tulle creates a layered, textured appearance that adds depth and sophistication to your ensemble.

Perfect for evening events or special occasions, this long lace skirt embodies a timeless elegance while paying homage to the bold, dramatic fashion of the late 90s. Pair it with a sleek top or a delicate blouse to complete your look, and step out with confidence and allure. 


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